Sometimes the containers are suitable for loading under the curtain. If the loader and the consignee agree to use forklifts, or container’s dimensions are under 13.60 m long, 2.50 m width and 2.70 m (or 3.00) high, we can transport and optimize the costs accordingly. Usually the containers that we carry under the curtain are for offices, constructions sites, tank containers, non-maritime ones.

Also, we can send crane-trucks that can load and unload the containers from the place where you store it to the next place you need it. This kind of machinery is in fact replacing 2 “tools”: the trailer and the mobile crane, meaning your costs will be highly increased, also because of the less logistical involvement from your side. You don’t usually receive both machineries in the same time, and a mobile crane’s renting costs or trailer’s loading delay are unwanted costs for your company.