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We can list all the services all the other companies provide in the European market, but everybody does that. We are not like everybody else.
Almost anybody can transport goods and general merchandise, but not anybody can professionally deliver your peace of mind along with your cargo.

You’ll find HERE all types of trucks for FTL or LTL deliveries and our team will revert asap with the right solution after analysing all necessary data provided for Romanian or international shipments. 

We’ll adapt and tailor the road transport services you need according to non or dangerous cargo type, goods’ dimensions, weight, priority, custom clearance procedures, market availability & seasonality and all the other involved factors. You deserve to know all costs when you are budgeting future projects.
Bring in the experts when you are planning your expansion, goods’ delivery, raw materials supply in order to evaluate all possible involved risks or obstacles.

You need to know all the information in your decision-making process.
We are aware that you need skilful and efficient logistics for any of OOG projects you plan; therefore, we can provide you the best team during the process of analysing it from start until implementing it in the end.


FTL Domestic & International Cargo Transport Services
  • Express delivery (gw < 1 to)
  • Standard delivery (1 to < gw < 3.5 to)
  • Standard delivery (3.5 to < gw < 12 to)
  • Standard delivery (12 to< gw < 24 to)
  • Standard delivery (gw > 24 to, ot of gauge transport)
LTL Domestic & International Cargo Transport

In order to offer our best price solution, we need the following from your side:

  • Length, width, height, gross weight;
  • If the cargo is stackable or not;
  • If ADR cargo is involved, please send MSDS;
  • Place of loading and place of delivery (ZIP code included if available)
  • Loading date
Maritime Cargo

In order to get for you the best price and quality on the market, you need to send us the usual data for this kind of transport.

If your cargo is suitable for containerized transport please advise:

  • The equipment needed
  • Type of cargo, gw & packing
  • Place & port of loading
  • Port of discharge & final place of destination

If you need to send your cargo non-containerized, give us a call and one of our best consultants will advise, according to the port & place of loading, cargo type and many other needed details of your project, the best available solution.

Air Freight

For those projects that cannot be delayed, Weg Freight offers an express service, delivering in record time the fastest logistics around the world.

You can count on us for full charters, on-board couriers, commercial options and professional packing services.

Rail Freight

Rail is the best solution for importers, exporters or traders who need to dispatch large quantities of merchandise for long distances.

We can connect you to the ideal partner in this field, so feel free to send us your inquiries when you have the loading and unloading stations codes.

Customs Clearance Services

We can handle your imports, exports, transit formalities all over Romania and Europe thorough our offices in all major cities & borders & ports.

It is easier and cheaper to send us the documents’ copies for checking before your partner is sending you the originals when you are importing raw materials, equipment or any other cargo.

Any delay for changing them can increase your costs and cause you unwanted decreases of profits.

Handling, Packing & Ports Warehousing Services

Many of our clients decided to decrease their costs by sending the cargo to their customers, or deliver to contracted hypermarkets, directly from the entering ports.

Either you choose this option, or just to shrink your expenses by delivering the cargo with tilt trucks (payed just one way) instead of containers, give us a call.

We’ll give you all available options on this matter and you can choose what’s best for your company and safety of your cargo, contracts or clients.

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Workplace safety starts with a strong safety culture, the collection of values and beliefs that employers and employees share in relation to risks in the workplace.

“An ideal safety culture is the engine that drives the system towards the goal of sustaining the maximum resistance towards its operational hazards.”


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