Transporting in gauge pipes, either 6 or 12 m long, has been one of our main activity during the last few years. In order to have everything in good order (both cargo and trailer), we are loading upon driver’s request. Safety first is the main focus. When loading such merchandise, especially the one with large diameters, the lashing and loading are crucial and must be done by professionals. Either we use metal supports & textile straps, either wooden splitter/ separator with special gaps for pipes’ diameter, it is very important to deliver the cargo without any scratch.

When planning your project of large diameter pipes, do not forget to analyse the lashing and way of overlapping the cargo, the maximum number of pipes that can be transported in safe condition until final destination.

If your pipes have small diameters and un-bundled, you should consider many other aspects of the transport vehicle and loading method when budgeting your import, export or delivery to your consignee.