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The data protection page contains info regarding personal data protection and your rights according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the appliable laws.
Weg Freight s.r.l. (the operator) located in Lumina, Constanta county, 162nd Liliacului Str., according to GDPR is responsible for processing the below mentioned data.

Processing info

Marketing and partners’ analysis info
The operator will process all personal data that will be collected through the contact form or the partnership/ transport services contract or services order. The processing may include analysis, market research, profiling in order to establish buying behavior, partner’s activity, satisfaction questionnaires and so on.
We aim to improve our company’s interests in improving our services and relations with our customers or company’s suppliers. Your data, as company’s partner, will be stored in this regard in our data base and can be filled or completed with data from public sources (websites, National Register of Commerce). In this purpose, we can also contact you by e-mail, SMS, phone, fax or mail. This data processing can be found at Art. 6, 1st paragraph f) line of GDPR.

Data beneficiary
Weg Freight s.r.l. is a cargo transport services and related services intermediary, acting on the European market. According to Art. 28th in order to achieve the above, we have GDPR services suppliers and authorized partners, such as: e-mails and website hosting, electronic platforms of operational transport files and many others.
We are insured by contracts that the above mentioned suppliers act according to the European laws of data protection and info privacy for the sent data is held under a high protected level of safety even if they are transferred to a non-EU country that uses a different or another level of protection for personal data.
Our company makes data exchange with other companies exclusively in commercial purposes and for the proper development of the transport and dispatch services. Without the mentioned data the above activities could not take place (loading a certain truck driven by a certain driver for example for which a specific packing list must be issued).

Mandatory or voluntary data providing, storage term
Providing the following data is mandatory in order to sign a contract with your company and registering you as a partner:
• Partner’s name, full style of your company;
• Fiscal code (and fiscal attribute), the registration number at the Trade Registry
• Your industry
• Legal form
• Company’s addresses
• Names of the associates, administrators of your company or the empowered persons for contracts signing and their position inside the company
The collected data during partners’ registering process are voluntarily provided by you and you don’t have to provide these data. If you do not agree to provide us these personal information, this will not have any consequences for you. The data will be stored until partnership ends, unless we have a legal obligation to store your data further, in order to submit it to the authorities.
Storing and transferring your personal data to public authorities for the purpose of fulfilling a legal obligation is legally based on Article 6, paragraph 1, sentence 1 (c) of the GDPR.

Your rights
You can contact us at any time and free of charge with a notification using the contact details to exercise your rights in accordance with GDPR. The rights we refer to are the following:
• The right to ask for inaccurate data to be corrected or to complete incomplete data (right of access, Art. 16 GDPR),
• The right to receive information on data processing and a copy of the processed data (access right, Article 15 GDPR),
• The right to request restriction of data processing (right to restrict processing, Article 18 GDPR),
• The right to request the deletion of personal data, the transmission of information regarding the removal request to other operators (the right of deletion, Article 17 GDPR),
• The right to receive personally identifiable information about the data subject in a commonly used structured format and request the transmission of such data to another operator (data portability, Article 20 GDPR),
• The right to oppose data processing with the intention to cease processing (right to object, Article 21 GDPR),
• The right to withdraw at any time a given consent to stop data processing based on your initial consent (the right to withdraw consent, Article 7 GDPR).
• The right to file a complaint with a supervisor if you consider data processing to be a violation of the GDPR (right to file a complaint with a supervisor, Article 77 GDPR).
Due to constant changes in legislation, a change to these data protection notices is possible, in which case we will inform you and, to the extent that changes affect a processing that is based on your consent, we will request a new consent from you.

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